Our winemaking

Everything is harvested into 10 kilo boxes, reducing the bruising of the fruit. After staying in a cold chamber, the clusters go through a selection process where several people hand separate anything that’s not a grape (leaves, stems …) or take out the clusters that do not meet the strict quality standards of the winery. Then, once the cluster has been de-stemmed, the grapes will go through automatic selection machine that will remove the unripe berries, the de-stemming remains or overripe grapes.


Hand harvested into 10 kilo boxes. Everything brought in is analyzed at the selection table upon arrival at the winery to maintain quality year after year.


All the winemaking is done by gravity. No pumps are used, preventing the grapes from reaching the tanks bruised or broken. This prevents oxidation, and ensures that the whole grape is intact.

Alcoholic Fermentation

The fermentation is done with native yeasts from our vineyards, giving them their own natural personality. It is one of the hallmarks of our wines.


All our wines are aged for at least 12 months in barrels. This aging is based on a selection of the best cooperages, forests, grains and toasts depending on each harvest.