From our beginning we have always looked to constantly improve in our winemaking process, maintaining tradition while at the same time innovating different aspects. We have always thought that craftsmanship and innovation should go hand in hand.

Quercus Pyrenaica

One of the most interesting experimental ways to get a unique and special wine. Specifically, this is the first Spanish wine aged in this type of oak. Tomás Postigo Rebollo today is a unique winery project basing the aging of our wine in Quercus Pyrenaica wooden barrels, the native variety of oak from Spain, commonly known as Rebollo. Practically all the national production is concentrated in Castilla y León. This represents a change compared to the other more commonly used oaks such as French or American.

As a result, this characteristic wine is obtains delicate, exquisite touches provided by this particular type of oak, which provides a depth of color, greater intensity on the nose and mouth and a greater freshness. In short, Tomás Postigo Rebollo is a wine with a personality obtained through an oak aging process capable of providing superior undertones.

Quercus Pyrenaica staves has also proven over the years to have interesting characteristics during the cooperage process during drying and toasting, staking a claim to a perfect or even ideal style of oak for the proper aging of quality wines.
In addition, this project by Tomás Postigo Rebollo means that at the same time an emphasis on the care and regrowth of these native oak forests within the region, so that the production of a superior wine is combined with environmental investments on the part of the winery.

This is a project where we wanted to pay tribute to this type of oak, hardly known to anyone, as it’s the first wine aged exclusively in Rebollo barrels. This is a longterm investment that we must start now for the coming generations.