Tomás Postigo Rebollo
4 vintages
tomás postigo Rebollo 2017
tomás postigo Rebollo 2016
tomás postigo Rebollo 2015
tomás postigo Rebollo 2014
Tomás Postigo

Rebollo 2014

Visual phase

An aged wine with color notes beginning to change to blue tones from the bright red.

Olfactory phase

Exciting and elegant nose, with the fruit intact and lasting a long time in the glass. Slowly as the wine opens, spice notes that are not usually found before in other wines are unveiled and appreciated.

Tasting phase

On the palate it is a wine with deep initial flavor, but with its sweet, ripe tannins, as well as the creaminess on the palate make it a deeper, rounder, and intense wine. On the nose, the loaded aromatic nuances and flavors give flavors reminiscent of toffee and cherries in liqueur on the palate.