'HUELLA DE CARBONO' (ecological award)
Tomás Postigo carries out his business protecting and respecting the environment. He believes that taking care of the natural environment and the sustainable development brings an added value to our activities, and therefore, to the quality of life of his clients and to society as a whole.

His winery has been the first in Spain to receive the prestigious “Huella de Carbono” ecological award.

In a context where the solution to global environmental problems, like climate change, desertification and the loss of quality and quantity of water, are challenges for all of humanity, For this reason, Tomás Postigo’s winery considers that they are a socially committed business dedicated to working in a responsible and efficient way with natural resources, in order to improve the quality of life of today’s society and the future generations.

His commitment can be seen in:

  • Reduction of emissions: to reduce the carbon footprint per each produced bottle according to the specifications set by the European Union of, 20% by 2020.
  • Sustainable construction: to use construction techniques that make good use of and reduce the use of natural resources, This way, the consumption of electricity will be brought down, as well as the environmental impact of the buildings habitability, achieving a better integration with the natural landscape.
  • Renewable energies and energetic efficiency: To use alternative energy sources, to cover part of the thermal needs of the winery and implement systems of energetic audit to save on consumption.
  • Sustainable agriculture and biodiversity: To apply growing techniques that allow for the conservation of the natural resources and of the environment, restrict the use of chemical products and favor the flora, fauna and quality of the soils.
  • Reduction of the water footprint: To optimize the use of water per productive, unit through an effective and efficient management of the availability of this resource in agriculture, gardening and productive processes.
  • Eco-designing: To introduce the environmental criterion in the packaging design of the product with the aim of minimizing its impact on the environment.
  • Reduction of waste materials: To reduce the quantity of waste materials and apply recycling measures and appreciation for the materials. To use the sub-products of the winery, as new raw materials for production.
  • Efficient Distribution: To minimize the environmental impact of the product distribution, by using a more energy efficient means of transportation (train, vehículos con menor consumo de combustible…) and the optimization of loads and routes.
  • Research and innovation: To develop lines of research oriented towards the reduction of natural resources, waste generation and CO2 emissions
  • Communication: To raise awareness among our providers and workers about good environmental practices and the fight against climate change.

ISO 9001
Since 2017 the winery Tomás Postigo is certified with the ISO 9001, which is an international rule based in the managment and the quality of the process of production, destined to continue improving them continuously, year after year.

El proceso de certificación requirió de un proceso de verificación del cumplimiento de los requisitos estipulados en dicha norma, así como la gestión de los procesos que circunscriben al producto con el fin de garantizar la confianza en el mismo. Posteriormente se lleva a cabo una revisión anual de dicha norma. ISO 9001 define un sistema de gestión de la calidad fundamentado en el cumplimiento de 8 principios de gestión de la calidad, basado a su vez en un ciclo de mejora continua, lo que nos ayuda a estar en continuo movimiento buscando la mejora con el paso del tiempo.

Gracias a dicha norma el sistema de gestión de la calidad de la Bodega Tomás Postigo está basado en los estándares normalizados de aceptación y reconocimiento internacional. De este modo nuestra Bodega obtiene de un valor añadido que generará una ventaja competitiva para clientes y proveedores.

Por otro lado ha dotado a la Bodega de un sistema de autoevaluación enfocado a nuestra mejora continua, basado en sistemas pioneros de gestión de la calidad.”