The acquisition of the grape is possible through to a selective process in different towns of the Ribera del Duero. The close contact over the past years with the vine growers in the area have allowed us to become acquainted with the best lands, locations and towns of the D. O. The work with the viticulturists is extremely important in order to achieve the best grapes possible. We only obtain grapes from lands that meet the optimum quality requirements in accordance with our elaboration methods.

Our selection of the best grapes of the Ribera del Duero is obtained by encouraging the viticulturists to produce their best grape, and working together as a team to pass a demanding quality criteria. The control of the grape performance per hectare is important when it comes to demand for this type of quality. The grapes come from everywhere in the Ribera del Duero: the Low Ribera around Peñafiel and Pesquera; The Middle Ribera around the town of Roa de Duero; and in the Upper Ribera the grapes comes from different lands which are located up to 1.000 meters above the sea level.


The grape, of the verdejo variety, comes from a selection of ungrafted grapevines from the area of Nieva (Segovia). The work with these vine makers -as well as with the others from the Ribera del Duero– is exceptional, based on close collaboration and the search for a demanded level of quality. With motivation and a good team we always get an excellent grape quality.

They are old vineyards, which self-regulate, producing between 1.500 and 3.500 kilograms per hectare.

We work in acid soils with a lot of pebbles composed of siliceous components, which translates into very aromatic, soft wines with a good acidity to enhance wines of long aging.